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Brooke Miller has Custom LASIK Eye Surgery

Brooke Miller, U.S.A. Cycling National Team, chooses Dr. Furlong

LASIK is life changing!

I am a professional athlete-a cyclist who is training for the Olympics-and so I have to have good vision. Contacts had been working for me, but it was a stressor to make sure that I had backup "vision" and rainy races were always a challenge.

LASIK was an exciting option for me! By offering the Custom Wavefront LASIK, Dr. Furlong is able to fix higher order vision problems that standard LASIK is not able to attend to.

I was totally blown away by Dr. Furlong and his staff!

I did a lot of background digging before going into this procedure and like anyone getting eye surgery, I was a bit nervous! I was referred to Dr. Furlong by Dr. Kuo - my eye Dr. in Santa Cruz, I had been going to him for years and really trusted and adored him. Dr. Furlong has turned this into a pure art form and inspires complete confidence. He is a true artist at his practice and has an incredible success rate and has done more surgeries than is seemingly possible. He is beyond just qualified. He is the best. Without question, each person in their office made me feel welcomed and appreciated, calmed and reassured. They understand that this is an exciting process, but also a bit scary! And they do a great job of putting you at ease. Dr. Furlong is a gifted and well-qualified surgeon, but it is his personality and how well he treats his patients that truly puts him over the top!

I was totally blown away by Dr. Furlong and his staff!

"5 stars and no bull... :-) I was totally blown away by Dr. Furlong and his staff!" Brooke Miller, Team TIBCO Women's Pro Cycling, U.S.A. Cycling National Team

See Brooke's short video on her own experience with LASIK surgery.

The results have been beyond any wild expectations!

I can see at 20:15 and my night vision continues to blow me away! I got distracted when first driving at night because I kept reading every sign in amazement of how well I could see every detail! For as long as I can remember, I have always had stars around every light - even with my eyes corrected, night vision was a bit of a challenge for me. No longer! This is something well worth the investment - do it for you! Make your life better! And I can think of no place better than Dr. Furlong's practice!