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Official Laser Eye and Cataract Surgeon of the San Jose Earthquakes

Hello Earthquakes fans!

Here, you will find more information about Dr. Michael Furlong, the Official Eye Surgeon of the San Jose Earthquakes, plus links to important pages on this website to help you make the best informed decision about your vision.

Dr. Michael Furlong is a LASIK and cataract expert. LASIK can change your life and your lifestyle – the results are amazing!

Technology Matters

Professional soccer players should have the same vision correction available to astronauts and fighter pilots and you should too! Dr. Furlong offers every patient Custom Bladeless Wavefront Guided LASIK – the only NASA and military approved technology that is customized to each eye based on hundreds of computer measurements. Other technology, such as Wavefront Optimized offered by many surgeons, is a standardized treatment based on your glasses prescription plus an adjustment. The difference is like having a tailor make clothing specifically to your measurements versus buying clothing off the rack!

Cataract Surgery with Advanced Lifestyle Lenses

Dr. Furlong also specializes in Cataract Surgery with Advanced Lifestyle Lenses and offers the option of laser-assisted Cataract surgery. This surgery can get you out of glasses for most or even ALL daily activities and lasts a lifetime!

Advanced Lifestyle Lenses improve vision at all distances and can also correct astigmatism.

Dr. Furlong has performed over 40,000 refractive and small incision cataract procedures to date. He will be personally involved in planning and executing your complete treatment program, including post-op care. He will also work closely with your optometrist to provide the most convenient schedule possible. He also treats glaucoma, growths in and around the eye (moles, warts, stys, cysts, tags), minor eye injuries, abrasions, infections or allergies, dry or watery eyes, flashes and floaters, macular degeneration and eye problems related to diabetes.

Honestly, this is one of the best things I've done. I've seen a huge improvement in my vision. The ease with which I can differentiate players and clearly see jersey numbers is amazing. I didn't really realize how poor my vision was until I could actually see!" – John Doyle

Go Earthquakes!

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