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Patient Testimonials
Happy Patient Videos

Jim Harbaugh, Head Football Coach
Seriously, if you can't see then you can't coach, and that would put me out of a job. LASIK was a game changer for me!

I really wanted to get rid of my glasses and when I found out that Dr. Furlong was a Stanford alum – well, it was an easy decision for me to pick up the phone and give him a call. I scored big with Dr. Furlong- and you will too. Now I know why he is a Bay Area vision correction expert. Read more about Jim Harbaugh's LASIK experience.

Click here to watch his video.

Shea Salinas, San Jose Earthquakes Midfielder
What a difference it is to see the clock in the morning, watch TV and see my wife's beautiful face without glasses or contacts. Life is good and way easier now. What a great decision I made. Great doctor and great staff. Thanks, Dr. Furlong!

JJ Koval, San Jose Earthquakes Midfielder
JJ Koval is stoked with his new vision after LASIK!

Click here to listen to his comments.

Daniel Furlong, LASIK at age 22 – he's loving life!
I started wearing glasses when I was really young and because I never tried contacts, I wore my glasses all the time. I love to play soccer and other sports so wearing glasses definitely was an inconvenience. My uncle, Dr. Michael Furlong, is one of the best LASIK surgeons around and I finally made the decision to have the procedure. I also had astigmatism and was pretty excited to learn that LASIK would correct that as well.

It was definitely a great decision – the procedure went pretty quickly and was also painless. The best part was that I was out shooting hoops the next morning without my glasses and my eyesight is awesome!

My good friend, Ramin, shot this video of my consultation and procedure and he did a great job!

Sierra Partridge, Santa Cruz Surfer, College Student
I had LASIK performed by Dr. Furlong of Furlong Vision Correction and I have to say it was the best experience and one of the best decisions I have ever made. Read about my experience in this blog posting.

Read Sierra's post on our Facebook page.

Hailey Partridge, Santa Cruz Surfer, College Student
Like my identical twin, Sierra I had been wearing contacts and glasses for over 10 years. After long days at the beach my contacts would feel glued to my eyes. My contacts also became a hassle when I needed to stay up late or wake up early to study for finals or to finish essays.

I love my new vision after LASIK. I can't believe I didn't do this sooner.
Read about my experience in this blog posting.

James Burke, Amateur Rock and Mountain Climber
20/15 vision and no more cataracts with Advanced Lifestyle Lenses!

I'm writing this review to thank and commend Dr. Furlong and his professional and friendly staff. My vision is now restored to more perfect than I could have ever imagined possible. I now have 20/15 vision in both eyes. During the years leading up to my surgery I started wearing reading glasses. In my fifties the glasses got stronger. Then I noticed a blurring in my left eye. It was a cataract, and my glasses could not correct it. It was beginning to affect my lifestyle and quality of life. I enjoy a lifestyle of many outdoor sports and activities, one of which is rock and mountain climbing. The cataract was affecting my depth perception. I had to do something. I saw an ad by Dr. Furlong in the newspaper. I recalled seeing his ad a number of years before when Lasik eye surgery was just beginning. I chose Dr. Furlong based on his education, post doctoral training, and surgical experience. Since my eyesight is priceless, I chose to have the ReStor multifocal IOL. My glasses are history and my eyesight is perfect. Thanks again Dr. Furlong. You and your staff are miracle workers!

Jon Busch, Former San Jose Earthquakes Goalkeeper
I needed vision correction surgery and even though he's the official LASIK surgeon of the Earthquakes, I did my own research. Great reviews talking about amazing results and an outstanding reputation made the decision easy and I am so happy with my 20/20 vision. It's great to not wear glasses or contacts after all these years – especially on the field – what a difference. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Furlong to anyone. Read more.

Click here to see some funny outtakes from a video shoot with me and Dr. Furlong.

Brooke Miller, Team TIBCO Women's Pro Cycling, U.S.A. National Cycling Team
The results have been beyond any wild expectations! I can see at 20/15 and my night vision continues to blow me away! This is something well worth the investment - do it for you! Make your life better! And I can think of no place better than Dr. Furlong's practice! Read more about Brooke's LASIK experience.

Click here to watch Brooke's video.

John Doyle, San Jose Earthquakes General Manager
Honestly, this is one of the best things I've done. I've seen a huge improvement in my vision. The ease with which I can differentiate players and clearly see jersey numbers is amazing. I didn't really realize how poor my vision was until I could actually see!

Thanks to Dr Furlong!

Arturo Alvarez, Professional Soccer Player and Former San Jose Earthquakes Midfielder
My eyesight is great now and I don't have to bother with contacts anymore - I think it helps my performance on the field - thanks Dr. Furlong! Mi vista está perfecta y ya no tengo que lidiar con lentes de contacto - ¡creo que esto ayuda mi juego en el campo!

Kevin O'Brien, 26, Teacher
Kevin loves his LASIK results!

Kevin decided that having LASIK with Dr. Furlong was an investment in his future and that his eyes were more important than a cheap deal.

Click here to watch Kevin's video.

Paul Karpinski, 48, Health and Safety Professional
Dr. Furlong's recommendation to have monovision worked out perfectly for Paul. He's excited about how his eyes work together now and thinks the results are fantastic!

Click here to watch Paul's video.

Paul Tran, 30, Paramedic
Paul wore contacts for 16 years. His vision was instantly amazing with LASIK with Dr. Furlong.

Click here to watch Paul's video.

Katie, 27, Marketing Director
Katie dreamed of having LASIK for a decade! She didn't feel like "just any other patient." She felt really comfortable and even remembers that an Adele song was playing when Valerie was putting eye drops gently in her eyes!

Click here to watch Katie's video.

Alaknanda Iyengar, Project Manger
Going through the pain of prescription glasses and contact lenses and the amount of correction required for my eyes, I researched Lasik and found Dr. Furlong and his facility to be highly recommended. Having gone through the procedure, I have perfect vision and no after effects. Being a Software Project Manager, I spend most of time in front of the computer. Now, after the procedure, I don't have to worry about misplacing my glasses or getting an infection due to wearing contact lenses. Thanks to Dr. Furlong and his staff, the procedure was smooth and painless. The post-surgical care is extremely good.

Harold Whaley, Retired Corrrectional Sergeant
I had lens replacement surgery 3 1/2 years ago with Dr. Furlong and have been seeing 20/20 ever since. The surgery was painless and the results immediate. I walked out of surgery and was immediately able to read the license plates on the cars in front of me as my wife drove me home. I can now clearly see to read books, magazines and even the small print on prescription bottles (My wife now gives me the bottles to read. Maybe she should see Dr. Furlong too!). I am a 56 year old man and lead an active life, traveling, working around the house and going on long distance bicycle tours. It's great to finally be able to wear normal sunglasses when I ride and still be able to read maps and the information on my bike computer.

Robert Slawinski, Auctioneer
As an auctioneer, my cataracts were a big problem. When Dr. Furlong told me about the premium, multi focal lenses I never looked back. No glasses and great near and far vision!

Linda A., age 54
Listen to Linda's unsolicited testimonial when she called Mix 106.5 morning jock, Bill Kelly, to talk about her LASIK surgery with Dr. Furlong.

Stacy D., age 31
Wow! That was amazing, I felt as if I had experienced cutting-edge technology. I was referred by three good friends before I made the decision to come to Dr. Furlong. It is truly an awesome experience and worth every penny. Even if you are scared, Furlong Vision Correction is the best choice you can make. They make you feel right at home and ease your anxiety. I had such poor vision that I was very nervous. I felt I had a good idea of what it would be like to be blind. Now, I understand what 20/20 means. I am extremely happy. I feel I can do anything without worry. My experience with Furlong Vision Correction has been eye-opening!

Maureen B., age 35
I've worn glasses for 18 years and always hated them. I was not a candidate for contact lenses because of my dry eyes. So I was very limited in some of the things I enjoyed most. Snow skiing was difficult, as I didn't have prescription goggles. Snorkeling, which is a big hobby of mine, was unsatisfying, as I couldn't see very deep. When Dr. Furlong told me he could perform PRK and give me 20/20 vision, I was so excited and nervous. Since I had never even worn contacts, I was worried about how I'd react to eye surgery. After meeting Dr. Furlong, I felt completely reassured and willing to go for it. Without a doubt, I was a scaredy cat patient, but his staff was so wonderful and supportive. Everything went great!

Deanna H., age 64
I certainly had concerns about having eye surgery. I made an appointment for a consultation, however. Dr. Furlong and his technicians made me feel perfectly comfortable with the entire process. Two weeks later I had the surgery. It was painless, very, very quick and I had no complications. It was back to work the next day. Seeing much better, I might add.

Libby R., age 44
As a "serious" amateur photographer, I was getting frustrated with my poor vision and my difficulty focusing my camera. I had worn soft contacts for 20 years, but was tired of the inconvenience. My ophthalmologist recommended hard lenses to control my astigmatism, but I was never comfortable wearing them. Having LASIK surgery has turned my life around. My photos are much better and not having to hassle with contacts has been terrific. All the people at Furlong Vision were fantastic, and the whole experience was great. I've been telling everyone I can to get this done. Thank you!

Paul P., age 26
I used to have dreams of waking up in the morning and being able to see the alarm clock. I thought I was "doomed" to wear glasses forever. It never felt like me with my glasses on. I needed this [surgery] for several reasons - my self-esteem being one of the major factors. Being a musician, I have to be confident in myself as well as my ability. I cannot explain the feeling of having your dreams come true. Every morning is like a new beginning for me. This has changed me forever in a way I never thought possible! I've got renewed self-esteem and feel like I can take on anything. I left the reserved and quiet person behind when I left my glasses. I feel rejuvenated!! I CAN SEE!! Finally! Thank you!! Dr. Furlong and his staff were kind, courteous, and very professional. I cannot put into words the amount of gratitude I feel for Dr. Furlong and his staff. My vision is 20/20! It's absolutely UNBELIEVABLE!! I would recommend anyone to Dr. Furlong's office, as there isn't a better doctor out there right now.

Darold A., age 28
Am I gonna see better than with glasses? The surgery was easier than I thought. The fact you actually met the doctor through the whole process from Day 1 introduction till the end. This is the best clinic of all medical facilities and friendliest staff around. It is the best investment/decision you can make. Don't wait years - just do it! Words can't describe the feeling. I am just ecstatic with the whole place. Boating activities without worry about losing contacts. Sporting activities without wearing glasses. Play with nieces and nephews without worry of breaking glasses or losing a contact. Best experience I have ever had. Doctor Furlong is the nicest doctor around and the staff the friendliest, hippest around.

John S., age 45
Get information and talk to people who have had it done. I talked to at least 3 people before I had the procedure. All my questions were answered and no pressure to make a decision. I was very happy with the personnel and the procedure. I would recommend it to anyone considering the surgery. The surgery was over quickly and little pain. The doctor explained every step as it was being performed. When he was done I could look at the clock on the wall and read the numbers.

Saumil S., age 25
I was nervous about the surgery since the procedure is not 100% accurate and does not provide any guarantees. I received good words about the clinic and doctor from a work colleague. It is a great opportunity to take a chance and correct your disabled vision. I had a -11 prescription and at the 5-day check was 20/30. It is worth every penny. Vision is critical and correct vision is a gift. I am fully satisfied and am spreading the word. I can now work on my computer without glasses. I was well treated, well cared for, and well informed by both Dr. Furlong and his staff about the procedure. The Furlong team did not give me false promises.