We have a well-trained
staff with many years of
refractive experience.

Expert Eye Center Staff

Dr. Furlong has dedicated his practice to refractive surgery and has assembled a well-trained staff to educate and care for his patients throughout the entire surgery process.

Dr. Patricia Shen - Clinical DirectorDr. Patricia Shen – Clinical Director
Dr. Patricia Shen, a glaucoma certified optometrist, has been in practice since 2000 specializing in refractive and cataract surgery management. With a background in corneal subspecialty, Dr. Shen is an integral part of the Furlong Vision Correction team in providing the latest technologies and advanced treatments for patients. Dr. Shen offers her expertise and personal attention to ensure that each patient’s experience at Furlong Vision Correction is a most pleasant one. “I joined Furlong Vision Correction in 2009 and I am delighted to be a part of such a great team. I look forward to meeting each and every patient and helping them achieve the best surgical experience at our office.” Dr. Shen graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Science degree and completed her Doctor of Optometry at the State University of New York, College of Optometry.

Dr. Parul Patel - Affiliate Relations ManagerDr. Parul Patel – Affiliate Relations Manager
Parul Patel, O.D. is a graduate of the University of Houston College of Optometry and received her B.S. in Biology from Loyola University Chicago and began her career in optometry in 1996. In 2004, she joined LASIK Spa in Los Angeles as the Clinical Director before relocating to San Jose as the Managing optometrist for LASIK Plus and then the Optometric Director of Abrams LASIK Vision Center. “I’m very excited to be part of the Furlong Vision Team. I’ve been involved in the refractive surgery field for most of my career and take great satisfaction in helping patients become more educated on the options available to them and helping them see better. Building and strengthening the relationships we have with our Optometric partners throughout the Bay Area is a key focus area for me.”

Carla S. Monaghan, COA - Clinical and Surgical Team Manager/Ophthalmic TechnicianCarla S. Monaghan, COA
Clinical and Surgical Team Manager/Ophthalmic Technician
Carla Monaghan has enjoyed working in the field of ophthalmology for over 15 years. She first worked alongside Dr. Furlong in 1996 at the Gimbel Eye Centre in Canada while Dr. Furlong was completing a full-year LASIK fellowship. In 2005, Carla attained her Certified Ophthalmic Assistant designation, specializing in Ophthalmic Surgical Assisting. Never shy to face a new challenge, Carla jumped at the opportunity to move to California to work with Dr. Furlong again. Carla loves working with patients and being part of a specialized team of professionals dedicated to excellence in patient care. We celebrated Carla’s 10-year anniversary with Furlong Vision Correction in 2016 and look forward to many more!

Carole Stanford - Patient Care ManagerCarole Stanford – Patient Care Manager
Carole has over 20 years of experience in clinic management, customer service and staff training in the field of Ophthalmology. She has trained surgeons, nationwide, on the usage of lasers to perform LASIK and Cataract surgery with Advanced Lifestyle Lenses. Prior to joining Furlong Vision Correction, she was a clinical trainer for several medical device companies. Carole loves what she does and believes that we don’t just perform medical procedures – we make dreams come true! “I have been directly involved in over 50,000 procedures and that experience has allowed me to recognize an outstanding surgeon when I see one. When I made the choice to come to Furlong Vision Correction, I knew I had made the right choice.”

Michelle Smith - Patient CounselorMichelle Smith – Patient Counselor
Before joining Furlong Vision Correction, Michelle spent many years in the customer service medical field. When Michelle joined the practice in 2005, she loved putting people at ease and calming their pre-surgery jitters at the front desk. Now a patient counselor, Michelle enjoys working closely with patients educating and helping them through their laser vision correction process. “I love being a part of a great team dedicated to our patient’s care and seeing the transformation our patients make when retiring their contacts or glasses for their new pair of eyes. It’s truly is amazing!” We celebrated Michelle’s 10-year anniversary with Furlong Vision Correction in 2015 and look forward to many more!

Jennifer Clarke - Patient CounselorJennifer Clarke – Patient Counselor
Jennifer Clarke began her career in ophthalmology in 2006 with many years of experience in sales and customer service. Being a Patient Counselor has given her a distinct expertise in working one-on-one with patients. “I love working closely with patients before and after surgery. Having eye surgery is such a positive life-changing event. Making a difference in someone’s life is my passion. As a member of Dr. Furlong’s team, my main focus is to educate and address concerns and have happy and excited patients with amazing visual outcomes.”

Ginny Jones – Patient CounselorGinny Jones – Patient Counselor
Ginny has been in the optometry field since 2012 and she is excited to be a patient counselor. “I love working with patients one on one and getting to know them and assist in such a wonderful life-changing experience. It brings me great joy to see the process from the beginning to the end. I am extremely happy to be with a team that is as dedicated as I am to helping patients.”

Julia Most – Patient CounselorJulia Most – Patient Counselor
Julia grew up in the East Bay and has a long love of eye care as her parents are both optometrists. She is very excited to grow with our team and learn more about the life-changing opportunities that surgery brings. Julia completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and studied abroad as well in Santiago, Chile. She enjoys traveling and is thrilled to participate in every patient’s journey to better sight.

Melinda Valdez - Ophthalmic TechnicianMelinda Valdez – Ophthalmic Technician
Originally from Washington, Melinda began working in the medical field in 2003 and has a background in General Ophthalmology, Retina Specialty and Optometry. She moved to California from Idaho in November 2016 and began working for Dr. Furlong in January 2017. Melinda speaks fluent Spanish. “Since working for Dr. Furlong, I have really enjoyed the opportunities I have had to further my career in Ophthalmology and I’m dedicated to providing excellent customer service and helping patients regain better sight.”

Sunny Duong - Ophthalmic TechnicianSunny Duong – Ophthalmic Technician
Sunny has been in the medical field since 2012. With a great interest in the field of optometry, he is very excited to be an ophthalmic technician at Furlong Vision Correction. Helping patients throughout the whole process of regaining their vision is important to him. “The look on a patient’s face after surgery and during their one day follow-up appointment is one of the most rewarding things of all for me.” With the support of a team committed to excellence behind him, Sunny is dedicated to providing personalized patient care.

Daisy Rey – Ophthalmic TechnicianDaisy Rey – Ophthalmic Technician
Daisy is a native of Puerto Rico and fluent is both Spanish and English. Daisy grew up in Connecticut where she first started working in the eye care industry as a Contact Lens Technician and serving as a backup for all positions. She then transitioned her career into medical and refractive vision correction, becoming a Clinical Director and Certified Ophthalmic Technician, working with a Corneal Specialist, performing laser vision correction. In 2008, Daisy and her family relocated to Georgia where she continued to work in Ophthalmology including providing eye exams for the Atlanta Braves baseball team players. Daisy and her family moved to the Bay Area in August of 2016 and she is excited to be a member of the Furlong Vision Correction team.

Jennifer Campos – Ophthalmic TechnicianJennifer Campos – Ophthalmic Technician
Jennifer has been in the Medical Field for over 15 years with a background in Corneal and Refractive Surgery as well as General Ophthalmology. Prior to joining Furlong Vision Correction, she worked for a Corneal Specialist for 10 years and assisted in Corneal and Cataract Surgery.  “I love being a part of a life changing surgery for those who decide to have it. I am always honored to have an integral role, no matter how small, in improving a patients vision!”

Krystal Zuniga - Front Desk ReceptionistKrystal Zuniga – Front Desk Receptionist
Krystal’s passion for helping people led her to working in the medical field. Her first job was at a private doctor’s office as a front desk receptionist and administrative assistant role. “I believe in building relationships with patients and to make a positive difference in their lives. Knowing that Furlong Vision Correction shares that same passion gives me great joy in being part of an amazing team.”

Sonia Vasquez - Front Desk ReceptionistSonia Vasquez – Front Desk Receptionist
Sonia was born and raised in the Bay Area. She studied medical billing insurance and coding at Bryman College, graduating in 2004.  Sonia started her career in optometry and ophthalmology in 2006. “I love quality time with my family, I love to cook and I really have a passion to help patients and establish great relationships. I’m extremely excited about being part of the Furlong team.”

Maria Lucio - Administrative AssistantMaria Lucio – Administrative Assistant
Originally from Arizona, Maria moved to the Bay Area in 1997. Maria has a long history and background in the medical field including patient and guest services, prior authorizations, insurance verification, scheduling and data entry. “I’m very passionate about what I do and I love working with people and being part of Dr. Furlong’s team.”

Robin Schirle - Financial AdministratorRobin Schirle – Financial Administrator
Robin received her education in medical billing and accounting from Bryman College, graduating in 2007. She began her career working as a medical administrative assistant while perfecting her skills in medical billing, accounting and patient services. While working in the medical field was satisfying, she craved to be part of a team that made more of a difference in people’s lives. When she came on board as Financial Administrator at Furlong Vision Correction in March 2014, she knew it was the perfect fit. Robin enjoys working closely with the staff to make sure the billing process runs smoothly so patients have a pleasant experience even after they leave the office. It’s great hearing all of the success stories from Dr. Furlong’s patients and seeing the smiles on their faces. When Robin is out of the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two-year-old son, cooking and catching up on her favorite shows.

Matt Feltz - Executive DirectorMatt Feltz – Executive Director
Matt comes to Furlong Vision Correction with over 20 years of experience in physician practice management, medical imaging business and technology consulting and project portfolio and operations management. Over the last four years, Matt was practice administrator for a multi-physician retina practice and chief operating officer for a large oncology and urology group. Matt’s passion is to provide world-class patient care through inspirational leadership, continuous process improvement and leveraging the latest technology. “My reward is the satisfaction that comes from supporting a team of professionals who are committed to achieving the best outcomes for our patients. We know that our patients have choices when it comes to choosing a refractive surgeon, and we strive to provide the best customer service and quality of care for every patient we serve.” Matt received his B.A. from U.C. Santa Barbara and earned his M.B.A from St. Mary’s College.

Leah F.
San Francisco, CA


Gotta pay my overdue Yelp gratitude here. Furlong has an all-star staff. Carol specifically is a wonderful human being and professional. They're prepared for every possible scenario. My story varies slightly from others in that I did experience bad halos/glares for roughly 2 weeks following surgery (which is...

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Matt C.
Fullerton, CA


Dr. Furlong was a recommendation from my optometrist. My first visit was fast and easy. My optometrist had already done my dilation so they just needed to take measurements and double check that I was a candidate. Everyone was very professional and friendly. I was nervous about everything but my patient counselor...

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Shilpi R.
Sunnyvale, CA


I recently had LASIK done with Dr. Furlong and it was an amazing experience. I wanted to have LASIK so that I could wake up first thing in the morning and not worry about contacts or glasses! As an optometrist myself I knew the ins and outs a little bit more but everything was on point! Their waiting room is always...

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Gabriel N.
Union City, CA


This has easily been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. After having glasses for most of my life, it's crazy to think I can now wake up and see clearly. I was referred here by my optometrist, Dr. Toy, in early 2016. I came for the free consultation where Dr. Furlong and his staff determined that I...

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Randy M.
San Jose, CA


Five stars.  Why?  I was suffering from rapidly progressing cataracts at the relatively young age of 37.  I was forced to take time off of work until the first surgery was complete.  My left eye had deteriorated from 20/300 in January to "hand motion (I could see light differences and movement only)" the day...

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Himi A.
Fremont, CA


My lasik surgery experience at the center was fabulous! The staff is very friendly, customer service is great! Interaction with Dr. Furlong was directly in the surgery room. Everything was very smooth and the location is super hygienic and has the top technology.

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Betty M.
San Francisco, CA


Just got my lasik surgery done last week by Dr. Furlong, and so far so good! I got referred to Dr. Furlong from my optometrist. A little pricier than competitors, but it's YOUR EYES, not the situation to be looking for a discount. They take a lot of time to make sure that you're comfortable and informed, and the...

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Jennifer H.
Fremont, CA


One of the best decisions I've made in my life! It took me about 2 years before I actually made a decision and not to sound super corny or anything... I should've done it sooner! It's definitely easier saying that knowing my LASIK surgery went well so I completely understand anyone's fear or hesitation with...

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A S.
Sunnyvale, CA


My mom had cataract surgery with with Furlong Vision this past month. It was a smooth experience.  She had one eye done first, followed by the second eye a few weeks later.  She saw Dr. Furlong for consultation in June.  He gave her a detailed exam and performed various scans.  She decided to go with femto laser...

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Leigh B.
Half Moon Bay, CA


Dr.Furlong did PRK for my insanely farsighted eyes in September 2016. I am now seeing 20/20!!! I couldn't be happier with the results. I also appreciated that he was honest when he didn't recommend PRK for my thin corneas... better safe than sorry! Thanks again, best money I could have spent on myself.

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Mike B.
Santa Cruz, CA


I rarely write reviews on Yelp, but for something as important as LASIK, I did a lot of research & visited several places in Silicon Valley. I recommend you do too! You get what you pay for...don't budget on your eyes! You want the best technology & an experienced & personable  Doctor. Dr. Furlong is...

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Yee L.
Palo Alto, CA


Super thorough and professional.  The staff accurately explained exactly what to expect and answered all my questions in an even-handed way with lots of detail about risks and benefits.

Theres no guarantee of results, but turns out my vision was corrected to better than 20/20 and I'm very happy with the results.

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Best Place for LASIK in Silicon ValleyVoted Best LASIK Doctor by Santa Cruz Good TimesTwice named a Premiere Cataract Surgeon by Ocular Surgery NewsAngie's List Super Service Award for high-level customer serviceJefferson Award - the "Nobel Prize" for community and public service for the Furlong Vision Correction Gift of Sight programOfficial laser vision correction and eye surgeon and Legacy Partner of the San Jose Earthquakes