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What our LASIK and PRK Patients are Saying

Shea Salinas, San Jose Earthquakes MidfielderShea Salinas, San Jose Earthquakes Midfielder
What a difference it is to see the clock in the morning, watch TV and see my wife’s beautiful face without glasses or contacts.  And what a difference it is to play the game without contacts. Life is good and way easier now. Having PRK was a great decision for me. Great doctor and great staff. Thanks, Dr. Furlong!

Dominic Kinnear – LA Galaxy Assistant Coach, Former San Jose Earthquakes CoachDominic Kinnear – LA Galaxy Assistant Coach, Former San Jose Earthquakes Coach
I am really happy with my Furlong Vision Correction Lasik surgery. During training, I love the additional sharpness of my vision and the clarity that it has given me. This surgery has made my daily coaching and work life a lot easier. I appreciate the excellent work of Dr. Furlong and his staff.

Dominic had monovision – LASIK in one eye and PRK in the other eye. Here is more of his story for having eye surgery.

Lissa Kreisler – Former and Awesome KBAY Morning PersonalityLissa Kreisler – Former and Awesome KBAY Morning Personality
I had LASIK with Dr. Furlong over 10 years ago and I still love my vision. And my daughter, Christina, recently had LASIK too. Dr. Furlong has such a professional and caring staff and he meets with every patient during their free LASIK consultation and will answer any – and every – question.

Christina Kreisler Whelan – Kindergarten Teacher, Lissa Kreisler’s DaughterChristina Kreisler Whelan – Kindergarten Teacher, Lissa Kreisler’s Daughter
As a kindergarten teacher, I have to keep my eyes on my students in the classroom and on the playground. Now I can ride my horse, snowboard and hike without the hassle of contacts or glasses. Not even 24 hours after my procedure, I drove myself to Furlong Vision Correction without glasses – first time in so many years!

Ashok Masilamani – Senior Software Engineer, AppleAshok Masilamani – Senior Software Engineer, Apple
Camping in areas without running water and sub-zero weather -where contact solution can freeze – makes it really hard to wear contacts safely. And glasses always limit your peripheral vision. In a place like Kilimanjaro where you want to be as immersed in the natural surroundings as possible, my new vision has helped me do just that.

Victoria Wahlgren – United States Army Sargent and Mother of FiveVictoria Wahlgren – United States Army Sergeant and Mother of Five
Before LASIK, my vision was 20/400, meaning the big E was blurry.   My brother-in-law kept telling me to get LASIK, but I just wasn’t ready yet although I disliked all of the hassle of ordering contacts and making sure I had glasses as backup. The final straw was when we were vacationing in Hawaii and I lost a contact and didn’t have a replacement. I had to wear my glasses -which was fine until we wanted to go snorkeling and swimming. I can’t swim or snorkel with glasses on.   It was horrible because I could only see shadows and outlines of the sea creatures. I could have had a shark next to me and I would think it was a person swimming.  So that was the last straw.  I called my brother-in-law and asked him who he went to and he referred me to Dr. Furlong.

I called Dr. Furlong’s office and they got me in and scheduled for my surgery. My vision is now 20/20. I can see the fine details of my kids’ faces and I can see the ball when they are playing their sports. I am in the Army and am looking forward to going to the shooting range to see how high I score and how accurate my shot groups are now that I can see!

Arturo Alvarez, Professional Soccer Player and Former San Jose Earthquakes MidfielderArturo Alvarez, Professional Soccer Player and Former San Jose Earthquakes Midfielder
My eyesight is great now and I don’t have to bother with contacts anymore – I think it helps my performance on the field – thanks Dr. Furlong! Mi vista está perfecta y ya no tengo que lidiar con lentes de contacto – ¡creo que esto ayuda mi juego en el campo!

Jim Harbaugh, College Football and Former NFL Head CoachJim Harbaugh, College Football and Former NFL Head Coach
Seriously, if you can’t see then you can’t coach, and that would put me out of a job. LASIK was a game changer for me! Now I can see the action and the players’ jersey numbers on the field I scored big with Dr. Furlong- and you will too. Now I know why he is a Bay Area vision correction expert. Watch his video about LASIK Eye Surgery.

Sierra Partridge, Santa Cruz SurferSierra Partridge, Santa Cruz Surfer
I had LASIK performed by Dr. Furlong of Furlong Vision Correction and I have to say it was the best experience and one of the best decisions I have ever made. Read about my experience in this blog posting.

Read Sierra’s “My Wonderful LASIK Experience!” post on her Facebook page.

Hailey Partridge, Santa Cruz SurferHailey Partridge, Santa Cruz Surfer
Like my identical twin, Sierra, I had been wearing contacts and glasses for over 10 years. After long days at the beach my contacts would feel glued to my eyes. My contacts also became a hassle when I needed to stay up late or wake up early to study for finals or to finish essays.

I love my new vision after LASIK. I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner.
Read about my LASIK experience in this blog posting.

Jon Busch, Former San Jose Earthquakes GoalkeeperJon Busch, Former San Jose Earthquakes Goalkeeper
I needed vision correction surgery and even though he’s the official LASIK surgeon of the Earthquakes, I did my own research. Great reviews talking about amazing results and an outstanding reputation made the decision easy and I am so happy with my 20/20 vision. It’s great to not wear glasses or contacts after all these years – especially on the field – what a difference. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Furlong to anyone.

Brooke Miller races with her new 20:15 visionBrooke Miller, Former Team TIBCO Women’s Pro Cycling, U.S.A. National Cycling Team
The results have been beyond any wild expectations! I can see at 20/15 and my night vision continues to blow me away! This is something well worth the investment – do it for you! Make your life better! And I can think of no place better than Dr. Furlong’s practice! Read more about Brooke’s LASIK experience.

Watch Brooke’s video – going through the LASIK surgery journey.

Daniel Furlong, LASIK at Age 22 – He's Loving Life!Daniel Furlong, LASIK at Age 22 – He’s Loving Life!
I started wearing glasses when I was really young and because I never tried contacts, I wore my glasses all the time. I love to play soccer and other sports so wearing glasses definitely was an inconvenience. My uncle, Dr. Michael Furlong, is one of the best LASIK surgeons around and I finally made the decision to have the procedure. I also had astigmatism and was pretty excited to learn that LASIK would correct that as well.

It was definitely a great decision – the procedure went pretty quickly and was also painless. The best part was that I was out shooting hoops the next morning without my glasses and my eyesight is awesome!

My good friend, Ramin, shot this video of my consultation and procedure and he did a great job!

John Doyle, Former Olympian, San Jose Clash Defender and San Jose Earthquakes General ManagerJohn Doyle, Former Olympian, San Jose Clash Defender and San Jose Earthquakes General Manager
Honestly, this is one of the best things I’ve done. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my vision. The ease with which I can differentiate players and clearly see jersey numbers is amazing. I didn’t really realize how poor my vision was until I could actually see! Thanks to Dr. Furlong!

JJ Koval, Former San Jose Earthquakes MidfielderJJ Koval, Former San Jose Earthquakes Midfielder
JJ Koval is stoked with his new vision after LASIK!

Listen to his comments below:

Lauren S.
Downtown, Campbell, CA


Dr. Furlong and his entire staff have changed my life! After 11 years of dealing with contacts and glasses, I finally took the Lasik plunge and am SO thankful I did! Dr. Furlong and his staff were so informative, friendly, and reassuring. They made everything so easy and made me feel 100% comfortable...

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Nlramesh R.
Mount Hope KS


Amazing doctors and staff.  Dr. Mona Sane did my cataract surgery and she was absolutely awesome!! The staff at Dr. Furlong's and at the surgery center were super professional and you just knew you were going to be alright at the end of the procedure.  The post op care was just excellent !! If...

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McKinley S.
Marina, CA


I had Lasik 1 year ago and I am still amazed by how well I can see. I have worn glasses and contacts for many years.  I could see well with my contacts so I was expecting to see like that after Lasik. What I didn't expect, was how much better I see now after Lasik. The quality is SO MUCH BETTER. I...

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Kim M.
Santa Clara, CA


This review is long overdue. I actually had my surgery done about a year ago. I had been told for several years from various optometrists I would never be able to even have the surgery because of an eye condition. But when I started to see Dr. Ratra at Dr. Gold & Associates, she referred me to...

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Jennifer B.
Prescott, AZ


In October I underwent LASIK surgery with Dr. Furlong and his staff and I couldn't be happier. It has been life changing after 23 years of wearing contacts and glasses. I had a high astigmatism prescription and at my first last post op checkup about a two months post op I was at -20/20 in the left...

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Rosa M.
Monterey, CA


I got referred to Dr.Furlong by my optometrist. She couldn't have referred me to a better doctor. I had LASIK done less than a week ago & I am beyond amazed with the results. I've worn glasses for 15 years & contacts for 13 years. I was a bit nervous the day of surgery but Dr.Furlong...

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Leah F.
San Francisco, CA


Gotta pay my overdue Yelp gratitude here. Furlong has an all-star staff. Carol specifically is a wonderful human being and professional. They're prepared for every possible scenario. My story varies slightly from others in that I did experience bad halos/glares for roughly 2 weeks following surgery (which is...

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Matt C.
Fullerton, CA


Dr. Furlong was a recommendation from my optometrist. My first visit was fast and easy. My optometrist had already done my dilation so they just needed to take measurements and double check that I was a candidate. Everyone was very professional and friendly. I was nervous about everything but my patient counselor...

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Shilpi R.
Sunnyvale, CA


I recently had LASIK done with Dr. Furlong and it was an amazing experience. I wanted to have LASIK so that I could wake up first thing in the morning and not worry about contacts or glasses! As an optometrist myself I knew the ins and outs a little bit more but everything was on point! Their waiting room is always...

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Gabriel N.
Union City, CA


This has easily been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. After having glasses for most of my life, it's crazy to think I can now wake up and see clearly. I was referred here by my optometrist, Dr. Toy, in early 2016. I came for the free consultation where Dr. Furlong and his staff determined that I...

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Randy M.
San Jose, CA


Five stars.  Why?  I was suffering from rapidly progressing cataracts at the relatively young age of 37.  I was forced to take time off of work until the first surgery was complete.  My left eye had deteriorated from 20/300 in January to "hand motion (I could see light differences and movement only)" the day...

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Himi A.
Fremont, CA


My lasik surgery experience at the center was fabulous! The staff is very friendly, customer service is great! Interaction with Dr. Furlong was directly in the surgery room. Everything was very smooth and the location is super hygienic and has the top technology.

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Betty M.
San Francisco, CA


Just got my lasik surgery done last week by Dr. Furlong, and so far so good! I got referred to Dr. Furlong from my optometrist. A little pricier than competitors, but it's YOUR EYES, not the situation to be looking for a discount. They take a lot of time to make sure that you're comfortable and informed, and the...

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Jennifer H.
Fremont, CA


One of the best decisions I've made in my life! It took me about 2 years before I actually made a decision and not to sound super corny or anything... I should've done it sooner! It's definitely easier saying that knowing my LASIK surgery went well so I completely understand anyone's fear or hesitation with...

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A S.
Sunnyvale, CA


My mom had cataract surgery with with Furlong Vision this past month. It was a smooth experience.  She had one eye done first, followed by the second eye a few weeks later.  She saw Dr. Furlong for consultation in June.  He gave her a detailed exam and performed various scans.  She decided to go with femto laser...

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Leigh B.
Half Moon Bay, CA


Dr.Furlong did PRK for my insanely farsighted eyes in September 2016. I am now seeing 20/20!!! I couldn't be happier with the results. I also appreciated that he was honest when he didn't recommend PRK for my thin corneas... better safe than sorry! Thanks again, best money I could have spent on myself.

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Mike B.
Santa Cruz, CA


I rarely write reviews on Yelp, but for something as important as LASIK, I did a lot of research & visited several places in Silicon Valley. I recommend you do too! You get what you pay for...don't budget on your eyes! You want the best technology & an experienced & personable  Doctor. Dr. Furlong is...

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Yee L.
Palo Alto, CA


Super thorough and professional.  The staff accurately explained exactly what to expect and answered all my questions in an even-handed way with lots of detail about risks and benefits.

Theres no guarantee of results, but turns out my vision was corrected to better than 20/20 and I'm very happy with the results.

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