Ten Tough Questions to Ask Your LASIK Provider

Print out and complete this checklist to see how Dr. Furlong, Dr. Sane and Furlong Vision Correction measure up.

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How much LASIK experience have you had?Dr. Furlong  began performing refractive surgery in 1993 after completing a full year of refractive surgery fellowship and he started his own practice in 1998.  Dr. Sane was awarded the Certificate of Outstanding Performance each year of her residencies. She joined our practice in October, 2017.  
Will you perform my LASIK procedure or will I get a less experienced surgeon?Dr. Furlong and Dr. Sane perform all procedures at Furlong Vision Correction and you will meet your surgeon at your complimentary consultation. At that time,  your surgeon will answer all of your questions.  
Will I get a treatment plan tailored specifically to my needs or do you only perform LASIK?Dr. Furlong and Dr. Sane provide a full range of vision correction procedures and will tailor the treatment plan specifically for your eyes,  including Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) and Implantable Contact Lens (ICL).  
Will you use the latest eye-tracking laser and can it perform Advanced Topography-Guided LASIK, also known as Contoura® Vision?All patients are treated on the Alcon WaveLight EX500/FS200/Vario Topolyzer refractive suite – the most advanced, FDA approved and integrated laser vision surgery system available.  
Is my pre-operative and post-operative care included in my quoted price?All care for one year is included at no additional cost.  
What type of long-term follow-up care do you offer? Is there a charge for enhancements?Most patients receive free enhancements for life at no additional cost.  
Can my current eye doctor be part of the process and monitor my progress?Yes. We work very  closely with most Bay Area optometrists and there is no additional cost for our two-doctor approach.  
Does your facility control for temperature, humidity, air quality and power failures?Yes. We exceed FDA guidelines with HEPA filtering and UPS power, air and humidity controls  
How much will my procedure cost? Does that price include the complete package of benefits that you offer?Your all-inclusive price is determined at your complimentary scheduled eye evaluation and includes the entire package of complete LASIK benefits.  
May I talk with previous patients?Yes. Ask us for a list.  


  1. Conveniently schedule a free, no obligation initial LASIK consultation online – by directly selecting your appointment day and time or call 1-800-573-1010. THIS IS FOR LASIK CONSULTATIONS ONLY – Please call our office to schedule a cataract or medical eye examination.
  2. Save time by completing the LASIK Patient Information Form and bring it with you to your appointment.
  3. Make an informed decision by learning key points at your appointment:
  • if you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery
  • the procedure best suited to your unique visual needs
  • the cost of your procedure and vision plan discounts
  • payment options, FSA selections and available financing options
  • answers to all of your questions