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Dr. Mona Sane & Dr. Michael Furlong

At Furlong Vision Correction, we want you to have amazing vision and we are committed to providing the best options and results. You can expect the best at Furlong Vision Correction, locally and family owned for 26 years – the best education on your choices and alternatives, the best patient care, and the best possible outcome.

Why Furlong Vision Correction?

Advanced Technology & Expertise

We employ the most advanced technology for customized treatments. Dr. Furlong and Dr. Sane are experts in their field and provide you many options to customize your vision correction procedure including Advanced Topography-Guided LASIK, PRK, Refractive Lens Exchange and Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery with Advanced Lenses.

Premium Care

We invite you to visit Furlong Vision Correction and experience our overriding commitment to helping you achieve your own personal best vision. We have a very caring and professional staff at Furlong Vision Correction, locally and family owned for 26 years – collectively we have over 128 years of experience in the Eye Care field!


We are committed to making quality eye care and vision correction accessible. We understand that affordability is a significant concern for some patients, and we are here to help. We accept VSP plans, FSAs and offer flexible financing.

Giving Back

In addition to working with local, non-profit organizations, we continue to provide vision correction services to deserving individuals nominated by community members and the practice’s partnering optometrists, including local, frontline healthcare professionals.


We offer a full range of vision correction procedures for all ages.

Discover Furlong Vision Correction’s comprehensive suite of vision correction options tailored to you, because we believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of clear vision.



At Furlong Vision Correction, we use Advanced Topography-Guided LASIK – a highly-customized laser vision correction technique that can correct your vision more precisely than ever before.


We offer Cataract Surgery and Refractive Lens Exchange with unmatched precision, control, safety and results.

Cataract Surgery and Refractive Lens

See Life in Full Detail with STAAR EVO

Learn about the EVO Implantable Contact Lens alternative to LASIK and PRK

See how STAAR EVO changed the life of Joe Jonas.


We address a wide spectrum of vision issues with precision and expertise.



Furlong Vision Correction offers FDA-Approved Corneal Cross-Linking Treatment for Keratoconus Patients.


A healthy and clear cornea is essential for good vision. Furlong Vision Correction are Corneal experts, and can help with the diagnosis and treatment of corneal conditions.

Corneal Experts - Furlong Vision
Pterygium Disease


Pterygium, a growth on the eye’s surface, can affect your vision and comfort. Trust Furlong Vision Correction for effective treatment and relief.

Patient Testimonials

Our many satisfied patients are happy to share their experiences with you. LASIK patients are seeing better than ever and enjoying every day activities without the hassle of glasses and contacts. Cataract and Refractive Lens Exchange patients are appreciating their restored vision and the benefits to their active lifestyle.

I did my eye correction 4 years ago with Furlong Vision and will never regret itmost recommended
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Bella S.

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Recently had the LASIK procedure at Dr. Furlong' Office and it was an exceptional experience. From the pre-office visits, surgery and post op had great care and explanation of the entire process. They explained the financial commitment. Very upfront about expectations after surgery. The only drawback was scheduling, if you have a tight schedule, you need to request your timeline is met. If you're able to get time off for medical appointments with ease, this should not be a problem. In the end they were able to make all my appointments within my schedule. I recommend them to everyone!
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Felipe H.

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I am very pleased with my experience at Furlong Vision Correction!  I had been contemplating pursuing LASIK for many years and finally decided to go for it after the COVID pandemic was less of a concern.  I am so glad I did- it is amazing to wake up in the morning with clear vision and not worry about having to discard my contact lenses immediately after water sports or showering or before naps.  No more thick glasses sliding down my face or fogging up (my young kids had broken a couple of my frames, too).  

The office staff was very professional and knowledgable (shout-out to Andres the technician and Holly the refractive coordinator).  Everyone on the team was calm and made you feel at ease.  The pre-op and post-op instructions are very clear and straightforward.  I love that the Furlong Vision Correction provided the one medicated combination eye drop I'd need (vs. other centers have multiple drops with different frequencies of use that you have to pick up from the pharmacy yourself), but you will need preservative-free artificial tears for the temporary dryness while your eye heals.  

Dr. Furlong was friendly and confident (I heard great things about Dr. Sane, too).  His prescription used to be over -7.00 like myself.  The surgery day was smooth sailing, he talks you through everything.  The only remotely disconcerting moment was when my vision temporarily dims during the creation of the flap, but it was brief and surgery itself was very short and painless (less than 5 min per eye of laser treatment).  My husband was in the observation room with a staff member, who explained each step of the procedure in real time.  After I went home to rest (sleep with their provided goggles), I saw very clearly the very next day!  

I am ecstatic about finally being glasses free (at least until age 40 or so when I'll need part-time reading glasses).  So my PSA is you should definitely get LASIK/refractive surgery when you're young – in your 20s would be great, so you can enjoy decades of no glasses or contacts!  I wish I had done it sooner!  (But you can plan for monovision – one eye for distance vision and one eye for near vision- if you want to!)  

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Tracy S.

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Amazing service at Furlong Vision, Carole and Britta are great staff.
The way that Dr. Furlong treats his patients is with care and expertise. He makes you feel comfortable and you know you're in good hands with him.
During the LASIK procedure he walks you through the process describing every step calmly and it's all done within 10 min.

The best money I've spent in a long while. My eye sight (-5.25 left eye and -6 right eye with 1.25 astigmatism) is fully restored and I love it. It still amazes me that I can see now without needing any lenses or glasses.
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I recently had an incredible LASIK surgery experience with Dr. Furlong. From start to finish, the entire process was smooth and efficient. The staff was incredibly friendly, making me feel at ease and addressing all my concerns. Dr. Furlong's expertise was evident as he walked me through the procedure and answered my questions patiently. The surgery itself was quick and virtually painless. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results – as I had 20/20 vision the next day. As a current optometrist I can't recommend Dr. Furlong enough.
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Dylan P.

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Absolutely amazing experience from start to finish! If you're considering getting LASIK done here, consider no more and schedule your appointment. The office is very patient and flexible with scheduling and I always felt I was in good hands with all of the staff. Dr. Sane was reassuring and genuinely excited when congratulating me on my new vision. During the actual procedure she high-level shared what was about to be done to the eye and what I would experience vision wise so there were no surprises which really helped ease my anxiety. I experienced zero pain during post-op, my eyes are healing great and I couldn't me more happy with my decision to go through with the procedure at Furlong. DO IT!!!
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Marissa M.

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Honestly, best decision ever.
Right from the beginning the staff was very friendly and very professional. I was a little nervous coming in, but right away they all made me feel very comfortable and welcomed. Dr.Furlong was very informative with my options. I selected PRK due to my high prescription, which was a -8.00.
During the procedure Dr. Furlong is guiding me through the process and before you know it, it's done! As soon as I got up, I was able to see! A little blurry of course, but nothing compared to literally a few minutes before the surgery.
It was very emotional for me, finally being able to see without glasses or contacts, it's amazing!
A family member is able to watch through a glass during your procedure for extra comfort. That was a big plus for me!

The healing process was a piece of cake! I literally felt no pain afterwards. Every morning I noticed my vision getting better and better. I've been enjoying my new eye-sight ever since!
I definitely recommend Dr Furlong Vision Correction.
I want to thank Dr. Patel, Dr. Furlong, and Staff for being so caring and supportive. You all are great. I truly do appreciate you all. Thank you for doing what you do.
I've already been recommending my friends.
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Janet G.

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In the 13 years since I first experienced the excellence of Dr. Furlong when he solved the epithelium cell issue I had, I developed a cataract in my left eye.  I instantly thought of only one Doctor that I would trust with the surgery.

It was an extremely easy call.  From my initial consultations and examinations from his top notch staff especially Hilda (and forgive me for not mentioning *everyone* I came in contact with, you all were excellent also.)

Dr. Furlong explained the surgery front to back and really set me at ease.  I had the left lens replacement and then the right lens replacement a week later.  Both with the skill and calming acumen that Dr. Furlong possesses.

My vision is tremendous now, I am now seeing colors more vibrantly than I have ever seen.  I am truly grateful for everything Dr. Furlong and staff have done for me and Dr. Shen for the follow up appointments and I want to give them all my highest recommendation.  THANK YOU!!!
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Chris T.

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I would highly recommend Dr Sane for any eye related consultation. I have received excellent services, so thank you Dr. Sane.
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K J.

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I cannot recommend Dr. Furlong enough for anyone considering LASIK eye surgery. I was initially referred to him by my optometrist and, after my life-changing experience, I can wholeheartedly say it was the best decision I ever made.

Dr. Furlong and his staff, including Brittany, Jennifer, and the employee shadowing Jennifer (sorry for forgetting your name), were extremely helpful, supportive, and professional. They all went above and beyond to ensure that my entire experience was smooth and comfortable.

Despite my anxiety going into the surgery, the staff assisting me during the procedure were instrumental in helping me keep my composure. Additionally, the stress ball provided was an effective tool to squeeze and keep focus away from fears that I had. The entire surgery was quick and took less than 20 minutes, although your mileage may vary.

Immediately after the surgery, even with my vision being hazy, I knew that my vision had been fixed. The sense of relief and the revolutionary change in my life was so overwhelming that it had me crying on the inside.

Now, a month later, I can confidently say that undergoing LASIK with Dr. Furlong has been a truly transformative experience. So if you're scared about getting LASIK, it's ok but rest assured that you'll be in the right hands with Dr. Furlong and his team.
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Michael V.

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20+ years of wearing glasses/contacts and I am finally free!! Making the decision to do LASIK has been a long time coming and it is truly a life-changing experience, as everyone has mentioned! I went through quite a few consultations at different centers last year and decided to go with Furlong Vision. This was actually a referral from my SO's optometrist.

During my free consultation, they answered all my questions/concerns and they were never pushy at all. I experienced some pushy people at other laser centers so I definitely appreciated the customer service here. I also had a few friends who got their LASIK procedure done here. After my procedure last month, I have had two follow up appointments so far and have another one scheduled in 3 months.

The procedure is such a game changer and now I am waking up with clear vision, basically 20/15! I highly recommend Furlong Vision to anyone who is considering getting LASIK!
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Kristie L.

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If you are considering doing LASIK I highly recommend Furlong Vision, they have completely changed my life for the better and for that, I am very grateful for. The results have been absolutely amazing, I no longer need corrective lenses and it has definitely boosted my confidence, something I have dreamed of for years. Everyone in the clinic from the staff, Dr. Patel, Dr.Sane, and Dr. Furlong himself made the process so seamless and incredible. The procedure was quick and painless, and the staff at the clinic were incredibly supportive throughout the entire process.
Again, thank you Furlong Vision for changing my life and giving me the gift to see clearly.
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Victoria M.

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I was with my dad who had cataract surgery. The doctor was very friendly and knowledgable. They did a great job for my dad and communicated everything really well. I would recommend them.
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Byron B.

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Wow, what an experience! I cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Sane and Dr. Patel at Furlong Vision for correcting my vision. It's truly a life-changing experience! I was advised to do PRK over LASIK by Dr. Sane due to the risk of Corneal Ectasia. She explained the difference between the procedures and what I should expect from the surgery thoroughly so that I could understand what will be happening to my eyes.

As someone who has worn glasses for most of their life, being able to see without them is something I never thought would be possible. But thanks to the expertise and care of the doctors and staff at Furlong Vision, it's now a reality for me.

From the moment I walked into their office, I was greeted by friendly faces and warm smiles. They took the time to explain the process to me and answered all my questions, which made me feel completely at ease. You can tell that their staff truly cares and wants to their patients the best possible patient care experience.

The surgery itself was quick and painless, with warm staff all around to guide me through the process, it felt comforting. When I opened my eyes after the procedure, I couldn't believe how clear everything looked (I was about a -5 in both eyes with astigmatism) without the aid of any glasses. It was an emotional moment for me.. when I got home, I had tears of happiness as I was putting all my prescription glasses away.

Now that I'm able to see without glasses, it's opened up a whole new world for me. I can enjoy the beauty of the world around me in a way that I never could before. I'm finally glasses-free!

Dr. Sane and Dr. Patel are truly amazing people. Their kindness, compassion, and expertise made this experience something I will never forget. I would highly recommend Furlong Vision to anyone considering vision correction surgery. They are the best in the business, and they truly care about their patients.

Thank you, Furlong Vision, for giving me the gift of sight!
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A N.

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I've been wearing glasses all my life. I had a high prescription and high astigmatism which made driving at night and wearing contact lenses difficult. This year I found out that my prescription was  finally stable enough to get lasik. Dr. Furlong and his staff/colleagues were all amazing! They made me feel comfortable for my surgery and answered any and all questions that I had. It's officially been a month now since my surgery and I can happily say I'm seeing 20/20. I highly recommend anyone thinking about getting  lasik to go here!
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Joanna M.

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I got my LASIK eye surgery just under 3 months ago and my vision gets better every day! I went into the office yesterday for a regular check up and came out with 20/15 vision. (My previous vision was -8 and -6.5 so… not good!)

I couldn't be more grateful for Dr. Furlong and his amazing staff. They held my hand (sometimes literally) throughout the entire process and made me feel so comfortable even when they could tell I was a bit nervous! I'm a photographer so there was a lot riding on this surgery and FVC delivered with flying colors!!

If you or anyone you know is considering getting LASIK done, Furlong Vision Correction should be your only option. Thank you Dr. Furlong (and staff) for the opportunity to see 20/15 for the first time in my life!!
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Carly F.

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Dr. Furlong is great. He knows what he's doing and cares about his patients. But I can't say the same to his staff. Unfortunately he's surrounded by bad people who I felt want to push away potential patients. I did my procedure several years ago at Furlong Vision and unfortunately I had to do touch up enhancement. The staff created all kinds of hurdles to schedule my touch up procedure. And they push very hard to force me to buy the after care package for more than half thousand dollars. If I don't, they would not check my recovery after the procedure what so ever. So I budged, paid, and did my enhancement. I'm happy with the final result and I'm happy with Dr. Furlong if only I can bypass his staff. I wanted to refer my friend to Dr. Furlong and I called trying to make an appointment for him for an initial consultation. The staff (Jen) wouldn't let me! She said my friend, who's very busy, has to make his own appointment. I guess she doesn't care whether they get one more patient or not. As much as I like Dr. Furlong. I'm afraid I won't refer my friends to this center if we have to deal with his bad staff member(s).
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George W.

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This practice has no respect for patients/customers whatsoever. I arrived today for a paid consultation ($325) 15 mins late.  I considered cancelling due to the crazy storm but as I had taken the day off work for my consultation, I decided to go. Once I arrived, I followed their procedure to call from my car and was told to come to the door, then was guided to reception. The receptionist told me they have a 15 min grace period and I replied it is 15 mins and she said ok, have a seat.  She then comes over and says they will not have time to the consult. I ask if there's any way I can be seen as I've taken the day off work and arrived within their 15 min grace period. I do not have complicated prescription or any eye issues and had met Dr. Furlong when my son had his Lasik procedure done here last Sept.  I was then shown to a room only to be told that I would need to reschedule because the grace period is 10 mins.  Laughable.  I will not be returning or rescheduling and will find another lasik doctor.  I do not understand why they let me in the first place if I arrived too late for the consultation.

My son's Lasik procedure here was cancelled two days before he was supposed to have it done and the excuse was due to Covid (in Sept 2021).  This was a huge inconvenience because he is a swim coach & teacher and because you are not supposed to get your eyes wet for two weeks after the procedure, he had to take the time off work.  He went ahead with the procedure on the rescheduled date which was a Friday.  They also do not tell you what time your procedure will be until two days before, another huge inconvenience to patients.  

After the procedure is done, you are supposed to get your eyes checked 24 hours later.  But because they are not open on Saturdays, I had to take my son back into the office four hours after his surgery for the eye check.  Believe me, you do not feel like getting into a car and being driven around four hours after your eyes have been lasered.  I do not understand why they schedule lasik procedures on Fridays since they are not open on the weekend.  If you have any complications over the weekend, you cannot see Dr. Furlong and would have to go to ER, far from ideal as ER is generally not well equipped nor staffed with eye doctors to deal with eye surgery issues.

While my son is happy with the procedure and my husband already had a consult and was going to have the procedure done here, we will not be returning.  There's an abundance of staff that basically seem to have little to do and don't know much about what they are doing but have no problem wasting customers time by not seeing them or cancelling two days before the surgery. I watched while my son's lasik procedure was being done and it was great to have an assistant explaining exactly what was going on as it happened but there were two other guys standing around doing nothing.  The procedure itself took 10 mins and we were literally in and out in under half an hour.  Do some research and go elsewhere.  Lasik is great but also expensive so find a doctor who's staff has some respect and consideration for their customers.
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Smokie H.

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I got Lasik here 3 months ago and my experience was  amazing! The process & recovery was super smooth. I have perfect vision now! Everyone made sure I felt very comfortable. Dr Sane was there to answer questions on multiple occasions & make sure I was ready. I highly recommend!
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Elizabeth H.

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Life changing experience worth the every penny. Happy with my results and extremely happy I choose Furlong Vision to take care of my eyes. Thank you Dr. Furlong and Staff for great "feel at home and safe" service.
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Ruben B.

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