Is Advanced Topography-Guided LASIK For You?

If you’re tired of glasses or contacts and are wondering if Advanced Topography-Guided LASIK or some other procedure is right for you, the sections below may help you sort through your choices.

What you should know about Advanced Topography-Guided Laser Eye Surgery. Find out how the latest technology can provide a customized LASIK procedure to optimize your vision

LASIK is the most common vision correction procedure, but it is not the only one. Check out other laser vision correction procedures in the section on laser eye surgery.

Patients who are not good LASIK candidates have more options than ever before. Find out how ICL (Implantable Contact Lens) surgery and Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)/Cataract Surgery can help you see clearly.

Baby Boomers are finding more and more that they can’t leave home without their reading glasses. Discover how some people have avoided reading glasses for many years by having their vision corrected with LASIK or PRK and a technique called monovision. Additionally, presbyopic vision can also be corrected with non-laser vision procedures like Refractive Lens Exchange Surgery (RLE) that help reduce dependence on glasses or contacts.

Choosing the right LASIK surgeon can seem like an overwhelming task. Our sections on Dr. Michael FurlongDr. Mona Sane and Ten Tough Questions to Ask Your LASIK Provider may make it easier. See how Furlong Vision Correction measures up.

We provide a full range of services for your vision needs: Advanced Topography-Guided LASIK, PRK, Refractive Lens Exchange, Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery with Advanced Lifestyle Lenses. See what our patients are saying about us after their LASIK or PRK surgery or RLE or Cataract Surgery.

If you want a shortcut to all the questions and answers on LASIKICL and Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE)/Cataract Surgery, our FAQs will give you the straight story.

Does the equipment really make a difference? Absolutely! Skim through this section to find out why we think it does.

At Furlong Vision Correction, we believe in making life changing vision correction affordable. See how our payment and financing options can help.